September 15, 2019

First Monday Covered Dish

The First Monday Covered Dish resumes Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6:00 PM. Participants bring a covered dish to share and enjoy the fellowship. No programs. Just good food and lots of lively fellowship.


Study Group

We began our new series for adult Christian Education at 6:00 PM on September 18th. It consists of 24 half-hour presentations by Dr. David Brakke, PhD. It's a study developed by The Great Courses Entitled "The Apocryphal Jesus" and will cover the apocryphal writings of the New Testament era.

Each session consists of two 30 minute videos after which we take some time for discussion. (Note: We do not meet on those Mondays on which we hold our First Monday Pot Luck Suppers.


Directory & Schedules (Members Only)

The Parish Directory as well as ministry schedules are all on line. Sign in and go to the Resources page in the "Members Only" part of the website and choose "Directory" or "Readers" or "Altar Guild, Servers, Chalice Bearers, Ushers".


Get your Parish Cookbook today! Reduced Price - $5.00!! Go to the "News" page


Worship Times

Regular Sunday Eucharist - 9:00 A.M.


What is the Episcopal Church?

Find out about the Episcopal Church and the history of this wonderful community on our What is the Episcopal Church page.


Our Parish Community

Go to the About Us section to meet the staff of Saint William Laud, and find out what we're all about!


Visiting for the first time?

If you're curious about what a truly nurturing community of believers is like, then you should come to the Join Us section to find out how you can get involved. Join us!


Loaves & Fishes

The SWL food pantry continues to minister to the citizens of Camp County! What a great ministry. Thanks to all the volunteers who help in that effort. We couldn't do it without you! If you would like to donate contact SWL at 903 856-2675. Loaves and Fishes takes place the third and fourth Wednesday of every month at 9:30 AM in the Parish Hall.


Upcoming Dates to REMEMBER!

February 13 - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper 6:00 PM

February 14 - Ash Wednesday imposition of ashes - 6:00 PM

2/14 - 3/31  -  Lent ( Stations of the Cross, Friday’s at 6:00 PM

March 29 - Maundy Thursday - 6:00 PM

March 30 - Good Friday - 6:00 PM 

April 1 - Easter Sunday - 8:45 AM


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Church History


In 1954 the Reverend George Acker, who was serving mission congregations in the East Texas area, collaborated with four families to found a mission church in Pittsburg. In that same year it was established as a mission church within the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. Father Acker eventually moved to Pittsburg to oversee the growth of the church. He instilled a strong anglo-catholic spirit that continues to the present.
The mission had steady growth under several outstanding priests. The Reverend Theodore Heers guided the church through two periods, the first from July, 1962 to May, 1967 and the second from January of 1970 to August of 1978. The church became a Parish in May of 1968. St. William Laud was blessed to have a wonderful theologian, The Reverend E. E. Blankenship, serve as rector from January of 1982 to January of 1989.
The original church was constructed in 1957 and additional space was added as needed. The home next to the church became available and was acquired as a rectory. When it has not been occupied by the rector it has often been rented to provide additional cash flow.
The real story of this church has been the love and fellowship of her people. While buildings and improvements might be the outward signs of success, it is the quality of our people that sustains us over the years. Many people have questioned how it is possible for a community the size of Pittsburg to sustain an Episcopal parish church. It happened because God called into fellowship a group of people who have responded to the Holy Spirit and built itself up in love. Since the first meetings of that small mission community, St. William Laud has been characterized by the “can-do” spirit of the membership and a strong sense of their catholic heritage while working for the common good to the greater glory of God.