July 24, 2017

First Monday Covered Dish

The First Monday Covered Dish will resume in 2017. Watch here for details.


Study Group

We will begin a new series for adult Christian Education at 6:00 PM on April 24th. It will consist of 12 in-depth discussions of Science and Religion.  It's a study developed by The Great Courses series and will consist of a half-hour video presentation after which we will discuss the presentation for another 30 minutes. We will try to hold the entire session to one hour, however, due to the subject matter, we can make no promises. Come for any or all. Stay as long as you can. There seems to be a lot of interest.

For more details go to the "News" page and scroll down.


Directory & Schedules (Members Only)

The Parish Directory as well as ministry schedules are all on line. Sign in and go to the Resources page in the "Members Only" part of the website and choose "Directory" or "Readers" or "Altar Guild, Servers, Chalice Bearers, Ushers".


Get your Parish Cookbook today! Reduced Price - $5.00!! Go to the "News" page


Worship Times

Regular Sunday Eucharist - 9:00 A.M.

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday - 6:00 PM

Good Friday - 6:00 PM

Easter Sunday Mass - 9:00 AM


What is the Episcopal Church?

Find out about the Episcopal Church and the history of this wonderful community on our What is the Episcopal Church page.


Our Parish Community

Go to the About Us section to meet the staff of Saint William Laud, and find out what we're all about!


Visiting for the first time?

If you're curious about what a truly nurturing community of believers is like, then you should come to the Join Us section to find out how you can get involved. Join us!


Loaves & Fishes

The SWL food pantry continues to minister to the citizens of Camp County! What a great ministry. Thanks to all the volunteers who help in that effort. We couldn't do it without you! If you would like to donate contact SWL at 903 856-2675. Loaves and Fishes takes place the third and fourth Wednesday of every month at 9:30 AM.



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Loaves & Fishes
Our food distribution arm has received a grant from the Diocese of Dallas Foundation for the years 2011 - 2016.

On the third Wednesday of each month since 2012 Loaves and Fishes opens their doors to serve from 70-100 families.  The baskets include not only food from the East Texas Food Bank but also food from the local St. Wm. Laud parish. Food drives have been held which resulted in donations of oil, flour, canned good, sugar, cake mixes, and other items hard to find at the Food Bank. Pictured below is the line that begins forming well before the doors open. Upper right shows the food bags ready for distribution and right a close up of one of the bags. Thanks to all who donate food and money for this outreach program.













Parish Cookbook

 The parish cookbook, Second Helpings is still available. It's a fully indexed, 293 page, hardback, spiral bound church cookbook filled with recipes from our parish's best cooks. It's a great gift for the people you know who love to cook. At $10.00 a copy it's a steal. So take care of a bunch of the family Christmas shopping right now and save time and money. Call the parish at (903) 856-2675 and place your order today.


New Study Series - Science and Religion

 Professor Lawrence M. Principe unfolds a surprisingly cooperative dynamic in which theologians and natural share methods, ideas, aspirations, and a tradition of disputational dialogue.

St. Augustine warned that it is dangerous for religious people to ignore science: "Many non-Christians are well versed in natural knowledge, so they can detect vast ignorance in such a Christian and laugh it to scorn." He added that interpretation of biblical passages must be informed by the current state of demonstrable knowledge.

On the other hand, Sir Isaac Newton freely discusses the attributes and activities of God in Principia Mathematica, which sets forth his theory of gravity and laws of motion.

These examples represent the traditional relationship of science and religion that is too often obscured by the divisive, hot-headed rhetoric and the gross oversimplifications we often see in today's headlines. Long before the shouting and the sloganeering, scientists and theologians pursued a unity of truth, and most theologians have agreed with the advice of Galileo's colleague, Cardinal Baronio, that the Bible "tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go."

Once we understand this, we have a new perspective on many present-day controversies. The current antievolution furor, for example, centers on the fixation that Genesis 1 should be taken literally, an issue that had been resolved by theologians long ago. Professor Principe deems it "astonishingly trivial" and guides you through far more interesting arguments of advanced theology about powers and limits of human knowledge—the difficulty of identifying causation, and the means by which God acts in the world. He shows how science gives theologians powerful tools for enriching, not contradicting, their understanding of ultimate truths.
Sess    Date    Topic
 1.   Ap 24    Science & Religion
 2    May 1    The Warfare Thesis
 3.   May 8    Faith & Reason-Scipture & Nature
 4.   May 15   God & Nature - Miracles & Demons
 5.   May 22   Church, Copernicus, & Galileo
 6.   Jun 5      Galileo's Trial
 7.   Jun 12    God the Watchmaker
 8.   Jun 19    Natural Theology & Arguments from Design
 9.   Jun 26    Geology, Cosmology & Biblical Chronology
10.   Jul 10    Darwin and Responses to Evolution
11.   Jul 17    Fundamentalism & Creationism
12.   Jul 24    Past Present & Future